Tourist information

From our campsite you can take walks to the surroundings, with your own caravan or, if you wish, we can do it together too.
Here we present some examples of all the tourist possibilities that Ibarra and the region offer. For all destinations we provide more information with pleasure.

Paragliders over the Yahuarcocha lagoon

At an altitude of approximately 2800 meters above sea level, several places have been provided for paragliding. The flight distance from the start to the fall is approximately 560 m. The landing strip on the shore of the lake is also marked. International paragliding championships are held several times a year in Yahuarcocha. We have a professional flight instructor, he belongs to a paragliding school and offers partner flights and accompaniment for individual flights. Information about prices and schedules can be obtained from us.

Return via Aluburo to the Chota valley

Chachimbiro volcanic thermal baths

Walk to the volcanic craters of the Cuicocha or Mojanda lagoons

Walk to the city of leather production Cotacachi

Visit to the largest artisan market in Latin America in Otavalo

Hike to the Peguche waterfall including a visit to the site of indigenous cults

Trip to the Intag Valley

Condor Otavalo Park

Unfortunately there are not many free condors in the Andes of Ecuador. But whoever wants to see one of the most wonderful and difficult to find animals, can visit the Condor Park in Otavalo. Above the city with a great view of the volcanoes around Lake San Pablo, a beautiful park was created with many different species of birds.

More information: Parque Cóndor