Why in Ecuador?

Many who visit the farm wonder.
Actually, the fault lies with my son Jan who before starting his studies in Germany did a year as a volunteer in Mindo (1 hour by car from Quito to the coast). I wanted to know the country where my son was and together we visited all the places around Ecuador as backpackers.
I really liked this country so I decided being in Germany I decided to return to have a new life
In June 2010, it was time to emigrate to Ecuador. By chance I arrived in Ibarra and it would be the beginning of many coincidences in my life.

With my personal belongings packed in suitcases in October 2010 after much searching I found this property on Lake Yahuarcocha.
At that time it was a very dry place, covered with thorny bushes, an abandoned place, but I like the place with a view of the lake and the two volcanoes Imbabura and Cotacachi and the deep sound of the silence of the countryside even though the house is only 4 km away. from the center of the city of Ibarra.

Little by little, the conquest of the large property of 12 hectares began. The vegetation was cleared, alfalfa and fruit trees planted, grass took shape in the image that was being made, electricity, water, roads and cabins were built little by little and Finca Sommerwind was born.
As I wanted to share this beautiful place here, one day the idea was born for a camping. and every day you are waiting for travelers from all over the world providing a place of peace for those who want a long or short stay.


The campsite is on Lake Yahuarcocha on the northern outskirts of Ibarra on the Panamericana towards Tulcán and is part of the 2-hectare surface.

It is made up of two areas of green space available for campers and tents,
The campsite offers water and electricity connections for 110V and 220V, sanitary facilities with hot showers. A camper kitchen for all tourists who want to use it, a barbecue area, an information stand and, of course, WIFI throughout the camping area.

During the weekend the Café Alemán opens its doors to foreign and national tourists to offer coffee, German pastries, breakfast and different half-day menus.
The farm is a very safe site for campers, RV travelers with their dogs.
Many decide to leave their mobile homes at Finca Sommerwind while touring the country or visiting the Galapagos or returning to Europe with the intention of continuing to get to know Latin America.

Ibarra is a city with many activities and services within the reach of travelers, as it has a supermarket, market, various shops, nearby towns with tourist diversity to have a pleasant experience.
Our service is friendly and comprehensive that includes the support of the farm staff in technical difficulties of the vehicles, visas or the mediation of doctors or medicines when it is necessary for our travelers.