What is Tiny House?

The Tiny House Movement (also called: small mobil house) has its origins in the USA, when, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, as well as in the banking crisis in 2008, and later from 2020, during the pandemic, many people decided to move to small tinyhouse to retire to residential units, since in this way, the cost of basic services decreased considerably.

About two years ago, this idea was also progressively implemented in Europe.

Meanwhile, small residential units have sprung up in the suburbs of both continents, in which families have established their small houses in a limited number, but on common ground.

Why in Ecuador?

We want to be one of the first to propagate and realize this tiny house movement in Ecuador. Also, with our first tiny house, we would like to introduce the idea of ​​sustainable living and comfortable living in a small space. It is the first and only officially registered international camp; which is also found on our farm and is used by many travelers who drive the Panamericana from Alaska to Argentina.

How is our tiny house equipped?

Our tiny house consists of approximately 23m2 of living space, equipped with 1 bedroom, kitchen, shower room and sofa corner, all in a modern design.

Our Tiny houses have the following connections

How to rent or buy?

Our tiny houses can be rented by the day or by the week, they can also be bought as a property and, for example, used as a weekend house overlooking the Yahuarcocha lagoon and the Imbabura environment.

It can also be purchased by the buyer and transported and installed on his property.

How can you use a tiny house?

The following usage is possible as an example:

  1. People who want to reduce their effort in terms of size of living space, land area and associated costs.
  2. Workers or students who need temporary accommodation elsewhere.
  3. Households that want to use a small house as a vacation or weekend home.
  4. Freelancers and traders who want to use tiny houses as offices, staff apartments, or as vacation homes for business purposes.
  5. People who want to move to the countryside outside the city.


$ 55
for 2 people

Our Tiny House is for Sale